Thursday, 1 June 2017

DJking Naija Signs You're The Best Girlfriend In The World



 Women love attention and they tend to go crazy for men who give them the right kind of attention.
 Every woman wants a man who she can play with. You can’t be irresistible to women if you don’t have a playful side. Being playful can help you and your partner become best friends.

 Confidence is a trait that women find really irresistible. Confidence shows you are comfortable in your own skin. Many guys mistake confidence for arrogance and arrogance is a turn-off for most women.

As girls, we tend to over dramatize the negative aspects of our relationships. It's not even our fault! We like drama (at least some of us do), it's in our DNA. We vent to our girlfriends about our s/o, and then realize shortly after that he's not as bad as we say he is... Not even close.
Recently, I've been giving my boyfriend a hard time, and it really had nothing to do with him. It was that time of the month (no not mother nature's time) but that - I feel like being annoying and a b!tch to you for no reason - time. Swear it exists. And to my surprise, my bad mood didn't affect him whatsoever. He remained calm, nonchalant and supportive throughout my b!tch fits. In that moment, I realized that Unicorn boyfriends might just exist after all... and they're more common than we think.
If your boyfriend has any or all traits from this list, you can call yourself a lucky girl.

No one wants to be the nagging, needy, or jealous girlfriend ?. We all want to be the "girlfriend of his dreams".  Relationships can be hard work and both partners want to make sure that they are doing everything they can to keep each other interested; but how do we do such a thing?
We've all heard of the infamous unicorn boyfriends who are super perfect and have #boyfriendgoals written all over them. So how do we know if we're unicorn girlfriends? Well, here is a list of signs you are the perfect girlfriend: 

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